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Are you looking for a way where you can increase the customer’s engagement and boost sales on your WooCommerce store?

Well, surely there are lots of ways to do that but nothing can beat the power of “Good Customer’s Reviews”.

Reviewing Products has been a powerful marketing tool that is constantly used by small, mid and large scale companies in order to increase the sales and build trust among the customers.

But how can you promote customers to review your products?

Offering a discount in the exchange of an honest product review can do wonders for you. This means you can simply reward the customers for reviewing your products, thereby increasing the engagement, building the credibility and driving the new or repeat sales in your store!

And the Mighty WooCommerce Review for Discount plugin can help you with the above. It is a powerful Woocommerce plugin that helps in increasing the review numbers by asking or reminding customers to leave a review and give them a discount coupon as a reward.

It comes with single or multiple products reviewing discount options, system generated review email reminders, setting discount type, including/excluding the list of products/categories, amount to spend value and expiry date.

Key Features

Simple but Flexible

The Mighty WooCommerce Review for Discount plugin is simple and easy to use. It provides you great features with added flexibility.

Offer Great Rewards

Get your customers more excited by offering them great rewards for reviewing your products and increasing engagement.

Discount Conditions

Set a minimum or maximum amount to spend value in order to use the discount coupons.

Customized Review Emails

Send customized review reminder emails and promote customers to write reviews in order to get the discount.

Include/Exclude Products

Include/Exclude list of products or product categories on which you want your coupon to be applied/not applied.

Select Trigger Event

Choose a trigger event; single review/multiple review to send coupons to the users.
Drive Sales by Rewarding Customers with Discount Coupons

Good customer reviews have always been helpful in driving sales. As they say, “the more the reviews, the more the exposure of your product or store".

Using the Mighty WooCommerce Review for Discount plugin, make your customers more excited by offering great discount coupons in exchange of product reviews and let them spread more and more about your product and drive new and repeated sales on your WooCommerce store.

Manage All Review Discounts at One Place

The Mighty WooCommerce Review for Discount plugin lets you manage all the review discounts in a single place and saves a lot of your time. You can check and delete all the discounts and coupons that have expired or have been used already.

Additionally, you can quickly edit the review discounts according to the products being reviewed or the number of reviews received.

Select the Products and Categories

If you want to apply coupons to selective products and not all, then this feature is for you. Using the Mighty WooCommerce Review for Discount plugin, you can select a list of products or product categories on which you want to apply the review discount coupon.

Users will only be able to apply that coupon on the selected product or categories only.

Customize Each Review Discount Individually

The review for discount plugin allows you to customize each review discount coupon individually. Customization includes the following fields:

  • Discount Type (fixed cart amount, fixed product amount, percentage)
  • Coupon Amount
  • Expiration Time (specified by days)
  • Coupon Usage (single-use and multiple use)
  • Enable Free Shipping
  • Send to verified users
  • Minimum and Maximum cart value required
  • Include/ Exclude Product/Product Categories
Send Email Reminders to Promote Customer for Reviewing Product

Gathering customer reviews is not easy. The Mighty Review for Discount plugin provides you a way through which you can entice customers to write their thoughts about your purchased products. You can persuade them by sending review reminder emails.

Moreover, you can customize the email content without laying hands-on code, sending it to the customer, thereby ending up boosting customers to review your product.

Free vs Pro Comparison


  • Single Trigger Discount point
  • Single Review Trigger Event
  • Single Discount Type
  • Single Use Only?
  • Club with other offers?
  • Delete Expired Coupons Automatically


  • All the features in free version
  • You can trigger discount when
    • Review Approved
    • Review Posted
  • You can set conditions to trigger the event that when a user made a single review or made a number of reviews.
  • Multiple Discount types:
    • Fixed Cart Amount
    • Fixed Product Amount
    • Percentage
  • Enable Free Shipping
  • Only Send to Verified Users
  • Single use only coupon
  • Expire coupon after ‘n’ days automatically
  • Exclude sale items
  • Minimum & Maximum amount to spend
  • Include or exclude the product and categories


Can I restrict the usage of this coupon in conjunction with other coupons?
Yes, you can enable the “Individual Use Only” field and restrict usage of coupons.official documentation here.
How can I install the Mighty RFD plugin?
To install the plugin, download the file from Mighty Review for Discount plugin page, upload it to the add new plugin section and install the plugin. To know the complete installation and usage of the RFD plugin, check the official documentation.
When will this plugin send an automatically discounted email to the customer?

That depends. You can choose to send emails soon after:

  • the review approved
  • the review posted
Do I need to delete expiry coupons manually?
No, the plugin gives you an option to delete the unwanted coupons automatically.
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