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The Copy and Paste Cross Domain is not working


I am having trouble using the copy and paste cross domain feature. I turned that feature on in the plug in extension. But when I actually try to copy and paste a section to another domain nothing is happening. It is from an Elementor free to another Elementor Free word press site. Both the sites use the Astra theme. Yesterday, it worked fine with no problem but today something went wrong. Please give me some advise. thank you

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Thank you for using Mighty Addons. I just tested the Cross-Site Copy/Paste extension on three different sites. Here’s a screencast.

This is tested on 3 different domains namely, Statistical Bird, Innovative Stag, Yawning Xenomorph.

It’s working fine at our end. There must be some conflict with another plugin.

Can you share your site’s credentials at [email protected], so, I can have a look?


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I hope your issue is resolved.

Closing the issue, you can always open a new one if something else comes up.

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