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Issue for the cross domain copy paste feature



I installed this addon on 2 websites to help me to copy paste parts created on Elementor, but it doesn’t work. If I do “MA copy” or “MA copy all” , once on the other website, it just did not take it, no MA options are displayed, and if I do only “Paste”, it just paste the last part I copied but from the same website.
On one ite I have Elementor Pro, on the other one just Elementor free version.

Is there something I’m doing wrong ?
Thanks for your time

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Thank you for using Mighty Addons and apologies for the delay.

I just tested the plugin on two separate installations, one with Elementor Free Version and another with the Elementor Pro.

I was able to use copy/paste and copy all/paste all without any problem.

Can you check the console once, if there’s any error or some other plugin may be conflicting with ours?

Let me know.


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