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Does this work with variations

PKW Braunberger


I purchased your pre-order plug-in two days ago because I loved the visual customizability the plugin allows. These features help me make my product and checkout pages look just the way I want them to.

However, I absolutely need a pre-order plug-in that functions with WooCommerce variations and this one doesn’t seem to (or I can’t find the right settings). My products have multiple variations, which I already spent days setting up in WooCommerce. I bought this plug-in with the assumption that it would work with variations. Am I missing something? Is there a setting buried somewhere in the plugin that will let me apply it to some variations that are out-of-stock for a product without applying it to other, in-stock, variations of the same product? I really need the ability to do this. Is it possible with this plugin? Again, thank you for creating a plugin that allows for such beautiful visual customizability.

Thanks in advance for your help,

P. K. W. Braunberger

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sorry for the inconvenience.

At the moment, the plugin does not work with variation product.

we will release an update with this feature in future for sure.

Thank you

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