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Mighty Pros & Cons is a free Gutenberg block plugin brings to you a simple and elegant way to showcase what’s good and what’s bad in a product or item you are reviewing on your WordPress blog. This Gutenberg block allows you create responsive pros and cons table easily within your blog post or page. This free Guten block allows you to customize it easily by just switching the buttons and selecting the values. You don’t need to code anything but just need to add values.

Mighty Pros & Cons WordPress plugin comes with options to change the background, adding a border, button (Call to action), making links to Nofollow, open link in new tab, displaying title, changing the Title HTML tag etc.

Simply, install the plugin and start reviewing products.

Change Log :
  • Added: Icons size control
  • Added: Verdict Text Controls
  • Fixed: Edtiable Pros & Cons Disabled
  • Fixed: Aligned Tick and Times Icons with Text
  • Fixed: Underlined button text
  • Fixed: Icons size issue
  • Updated: Removed FontAwesome CDN
  • Added: Notice for older WordPress Version without Gutenberg
  • Added: Option to choose title for content tag.
  • New line issue fixed
  • Few more minor bug fixes and performance improvements. 

Initial release. 

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