Mighty Classic Pros & Cons


A WordPress plugin that is user friendly, interactive and highly functional.

A WordPress plugin that gives you a visual list of pros and cons in a blog post. Here are its features which instantly makes it the most different, unique and must have plugin for your website. 

Note: This plugin is for Classic Editor. If you are using Gutenberg, check out Mighty Pros & Cons

Attractive pros and cons visual table

Will give you a list of pros and cons of product reviews post instantly within minutes in a beautiful visual table.

Highly responsive

The plugin is a 100% responsive and works perfectly with mobile phones, tablets and screens of all sizes.

Interactive User Interface

WP Pros and Cons Table has a very user friendly UI which makes it very easy to use even for beginners.

Unlimited fields

You can add as many fields of pros and cons as you want. This plugin gives you unlimited number of fields.

Call to Action button

Integrate with a call to action button & convert your audience into customers. Customize it with borders & colors.

Link tagging

You can tag links of any website that you want. It gives complete freedom to you regarding the rel attribute.

Create templates

Create your own personalized attractive templates the way you want without any problem as the plugin supports this feature.

Short Code

Now you don’t need to code as everything is predefined. You can post your table with just a single click.

Top 4 reasons why everyone loves WP Pros & Cons Table

With thousands of downloads, WP Pros & Cons Table is the best WordPress plugin for you to use. There are so many reasons that newbie bloggers, startup founders and web designers love WP Pros & Cons Table!

Design templates like a pro designer

No designing skill is required to design table templates. You can create a simple table within 5 minutes if not less.

With so much customization settings you can create your own template with an ease. You can change border style, color, text color the way you want. And the good news is, you don’t need to write a single line of code.


Add up as many fields

With this feature, you can add up as many points in your WP Pros & Cons Table with no limitation.

This WordPress plugin has the functionality of adding up unlimited fields. So whether you are making a small product review table or have a task of a big corporate client, WP Pros & Cons Table has your back.

Add up functionalities with short code feature

Now you can include many awesome functions in your table. We have built a very user-friendly backend just for your support.

You can add button links in your WP Pros & Cons Table and direct it to any website of your choice. Customize the rel attribute with nofollow and dofollow links. If not wanted then button can also be disabled.


Responsive User Interface

On the go but got a task? Lacking a desktop or laptop currently? WP Pros & Cons Table has got it all for you.

Its responsive feature makes it work super smooth with phones, tablets, and all handheld devices. You can view, edit and upload the table with all the functionalities from your mobile.

  • Added: Verdict text functionality
  • Added: Pros & Cons Font Size
  • Fixed: New Line issue in Pros & Cons
  • Fixed: Design Conflicts with older version
  • Fixed: Conflict with older version
  • Fixed: settings variable undefined
  • Added: 2 new views
  • Added: Option for Border Width & Radius for button
  • Added: Heading option for title
  • Improved: Editable pros and cons title
  • Fixed: Styling Issues
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